Welcome to the Lesvos Calendars online shop.

Many years ago we started to visit the beautiful island of Lesvos on holiday. We fell under the spell that Lesvos seems to cast over many that visit and decided to live here, in ‘paradise’. During our holiday visits, we often bought calendars to keep our spirits up whilst we were not here. Mostly we were disappointed with the quality of the finish and the pictures were never quite to our personal taste.

As a photographer, I found myself perfectly positioned to put that right and my first calendar was produced as Christmas presents for our friends and family in 2011. The reaction was both unexpected and overwhelming with some friends asking where they could buy copies. In early 2012, Lesvos Calendars was born with the production of two calendars for 2013.

Each year since then we have tried to produce a new calendar. Each one reflecting the beauty and diversity of Lesvos. In 2014 we added a calendar dedicated to Molyvos. We still hope to add other regional calendars as our photo library allows. If you love a particular area please email us to let us know so that we can gauge interest and make our plans.

We can still offer you Cash and Collect (we decided against using an acronym). You can order online and pay for the calendar (in £ or €) when you collect it in Molyvos. We can also deliver to you if you are in Anaxos, Petra or Molyvos.

Email me if you have any comments, suggestions or requests.